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Deep Clean House One Day

House Cleaning / November 6, 2016

Deep-clean your home with one chore per dayConfession…I'm a messy person.

Don't get me wrong, I love having a clean house and try my best. But I have to really concentrate on staying on top of my messes (yes, MY messes). Plus I have 3 young kids (my oldest is 4) and a large house (5, 200 sq feet, super-duper-clearance short sale – story for another day). Between those excuses and the fact that I have a million and one things to do each day (and the fact that I don't like cleaning and would rather do a million and one other things…), keeping my house deep-cleaned is a challenge!

Years ago I came up with a system for being able to keep your house clean (deep-cleaned at that) with just one chore per day. At first the chore might take you some time. But as you stick to the list, each week you'll see the chore going quicker and quicker because it becomes maintenance cleaning. Before you know it your house will be deep-cleaned with little effort!

This system has gone viral on Pinterest and has worked for thousands of people. Hope you enjoy!

In addition to typical daily chores (dishes, taking garbage out, picking up your floors, wiping up spills, etc.), by focusing your attention on just one main chore per day, it will help you stay on top of your home's deep-cleaning needs! The best part? If you stay on top of the list you'll be able to complete the chores in 20, 30 minutes max. Another perk? Saturday and Sunday are your DAYS OFF! Use those days to catch up on additional deep-cleaning needs, use it to organize, or use it to have fun with your family!

(Monday is technically cheating because it is 3 chores…but they are smaller, more intermittent chores so you can squeeze in more.)

  • Laundry day. Always keep your machines running. Start first thing in the morning and consciously keep loads going throughout the day (or whenever you're home). Set an alarm in your phone if you need to. Fold laundry at night watching TV. Make sure all clothes are put away before you go to bed.
  • Note: Yes, you'll probably need to do laundry throughout the week as well. But this is your day to switch out towels and linens, and the day to make sure everyone in the family gets you their dirty clothes.
  • Tidy the house. Go through every room in your house and put everything away.
  • Tip: Never leave a room empty-handed! As you walk throughout the house ALWAYS pick at least one thing up as you come/go. Your house will be picked up before you know it.
  • Vacuum main rooms (not bedrooms or stairs). As you walk through the house picking things up, drag a vacuum behind you. **NOTE: I vacuum a lot because I have a dog that sheds. You may not need to vacuum as much as I choose to do, but it does prolong the life of your carpet and makes you feel SO GOOD to see those gorgeous vacuum lines in the floor 😉
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