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Clean Your House / December 30, 2016

King of Maids BlogCleaning your house is a chore that can take hours to complete, and with the kids running around causing a tornado of a brand new mess, the stress of a long day at work and a limited amount of free time on your hands, you’d be forgiven for leaving it until “next time.”

But as we all know “next time” is a fictional part of the calendar that we have invented to make ourselves feel better about the stuff we want to avoid. However, when it comes to keeping a clean house, avoiding it is the worst thing that you could do.

So, you so you can return to a clean house, make something to eat and relax in front of the TV after a seemingly endless day at work. And what do you come home to find? A house that is so clean that you are sure you have broken into someone else’s apartment.

The method, as well as the speed that, will leave you dumbfounded and maybe even a little jealous: how do they do it? I hear you ask. Well, there are a few top secret methods that professionals use that you may not have known even existed.

In this article, you will see five tried and tested that you can implement the next time your house is unavoidably messy.

1 Top to bottom, left to right

At some time or another, we have all made the mistake of cleaning the dining table to perfection, then moving onto the curtains only to find a giant mountain of curtain dust on our freshly cleaned table.

And because you are and slightly rushing, so you can finally relax you do it over and over again, ironically causing you to spend an unnecessary amount of time in one room.

If you want to avoid excessive work and save time, an excellent tip is to start at the top of the room with one of the light fixtures or ceiling fan and then move down to the floor.

You also achieve the same results from working left to right; instead of running around and causing more mess, you section by section, saving you a lot of time.

2 Create a system

Creating a system before you begin cleaning is the best way to in the most effective manner. As I mentioned above the stress of cleaning can cause some people to rush through it and actually cause more harm than good.

However, if you carefully craft a system that allows you to take the cleaning process room by room, section by section, it will not only relax you, it will also allow you the opportunity to be efficient and precise.

Another benefit of crafting a system that you stick to is the fact that it makes you more consistent. If you know exactly where to start and where to finish in each room, it will cut your cleaning time in half.

3 The power of dusting

If you are looking for a life-changing tip on how to clean your house in a way that is pristine and sustained, you must never underestimate the power of dusting.

A lot of people use cloths to clean the various surfaces in their home and spend a lot of money each year on sprays and wipes.

However, few know that you can dust without spraying, and a good feather duster can clean your blinds, picture frames, and little nooks with ease as well as save you money.

There is a good reason that you will never see a without a collection of feather dusters so investing in one is wise when it comes to keeping a clean home.

4 Invest in the right tools

“A workman is only as good as his tools” that may be a cliché, but it is rooted in a lot of truth, because when it comes to cleaning if you have the wrong, or poor quality tools, it will profoundly effect your results.

Be sure to invest in some proper cleaning equipment, some of it might be a little pricey but they tend to last a lot longer, and you will save money buying one feather duster every three years instead of 10 cleaning cloths every few months.

5 Upkeep

If you really want to not only speed up your cleaning time but also get better results, you should speed clean regularly.

Having a quick clean once or twice a week will have a great impact on the amount of time that you spend while undertaking a deep clean and will prevent the agonizing prospect of cramming a few months of cleaning into one day.

And there you have it! Before reading this article you may have thought that cleaning your home anywhere near the same standard of a professional was impossible, but the truth is with a little preparation, patience, and the right tools, anything is possible. Take note of the five top tips above and start putting them into practice to get some great results.

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