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Bangalore House Cleaning Service

Clean Your House / May 29, 2020

House cleaning service costs in Bangalore for one time deep cleaning of a 2 BHK house could cost you anywhere between Rs. 2500/- to Rs. 6000/- including taxes. Charges for house cleaning services actually depend on the quality of services (tools, cleaning supplies and efforts) and that’s the reason there is so much of gap in charges. And you can use ServiceSutra to quickly from a couple of professionally managed home cleaning companies, and book one that best suits your requirements and budget.

A standard 2 BHK house, which is fully furnished, may require more effort than a newly constructed house where you have not yet moved in. As you know, cleaning a vacant home where no has stayed is much easier than cleaning a house which is occupied, especially the washroom and kitchen area. Even if we are talking about the same 2 BHK, cleaning cost will vary.

Costs of house cleaning service in Bangalore may also vary depending on the agency. There are premium home cleaning companies and so are the standard ones. Premium agencies will use best quality cleaning supplies and use best of tools that result in best result. Naturally they cost a little than the standard home cleaners.